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Most parasol trees require maintenance at least once a year. Some species prefer pruning twice a year.

The frequency of pruning can be compared to the maintenance of a hedge.
If you prune once a year, then you'll have more waste and the pruning itself will take longer.
A parasol tree should always be maintained with secateurs. Maintenance with hedge shears may have a nice effect temporarily, but creates long-term problems in the long run

Each  parasol shape requires its own manner of pruning, generally you take into account the following rules:

Slow growing parasol trees:
annual pruning
time of year is dependent on the species

Fast-growing parasol trees:
Annual pruning of young trees not yet self-sustaining phase
2-yearly pruning: work growth retardant and gives less pruning waste
time is dependent on the species

Low maintenance parasol trees:
You can choose parasol trees that need a 2-yearly prune or at most a slight thinning of the branches.

Maintenance parasol trees - General

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