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We have been able to supply deciduous hornbeams for several years now. We can offer these trees with unique characteristics thanks to a well-considered and natural selection process. With this method, we wanted to be able to offer trees with specific properties without the disadvantages of cultivars.

We proceed as follows:
When selecting our pleached hornbeams we try to find trees that preserve their leaves the best. Carpinus betulus is sown and every tree on the field has genetically different properties. On average, 10 to 30% of these trees show deciduous characteristics.
We mark these trees and use them to grow our pleached trees.
Thanks to rejuvenation pruning these evergreen features are reinforced.
We do just the opposite with the natural parasol. With these trees, it is desirable that they are as transparent as possible in the winter.
The greater the genetic diversity, the stronger the hedge or screen and the greater the added value for nature.


Evergreen hornbeam

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