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Dakbomen of parasolbomen. meer informatie voor deze bomen in de meest duurzame kwaliteit: klik hier

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Tijdens de Gentse feesten 2018 voorzien wij voor Komparto, het event van restaurant Karreaux, natuurlijke zonfiltering op het water.

10 dagen aan een stuk kan je op de Kuiperskaai in Gent terecht voor een feestelijke foodsharing onder de parasolbomen van Espaliers. Samen met een verfrissende cocktail of een lekker glaasje wijn kan je hier proeven van de schaduw van de toekomst.
Reservations: or 003292336284


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Tot op de boot!

Komparto by Karreaux  x  Espaliers


Enjoy the spring sun under thousands of flowering blooms.

This parasol tree is one of the earliest spring bloomers, this guarantees a visit from early bumblebees.

You mustn't expect real shade, the sun shines right through the blossoms. Experiencing a spring feeling in al its glory is what gives this parasol its added value.

Enjoying breakfast under a parasol of flowers


Discover the cool, playful shade of the Quercus palustris or parasol shaped Pin Oak on the terrace of Brazza cafe during the Ghent festivities.

Brazza Café Gent

New greenery in Gent


Parasol trees provide natural but also cooler shade.
Just like we our pleached trees, we also have potted parasol trees.
You can plant our potgrown parasol trees in the middle of summer, or keep them in a pot on the patio.
This allows you to position the trees on your patio and to determine where you would like the shade before planting them.
We offer potted parasol trees in different sizes and in multiple species.


A wide range of espaliers and potted parasol trees allow you to deviate from the normal planting period. With a little extra care (extra watering during dry spells) you can still create privacy and shade during the summer months. The largest selection and unusual shapes are still offered in the autumn, both in clod and bare root.

Leibomen in pot

Potted pleached trees


These parasol trees, stem size 40/45, were planted with a stem size fof 10/12. Its main branches grew in accordance to the stem, ensuring the parasol is very sturdy. The depicted species is Platanus acerifolia 'Bloodgood'.





Most parasol trees require maintenance at least once a year. Some species prefer pruning twice a year.

The frequency of pruning can be compared to the maintenance of a hedge.
If you prune once a year, then you'll have more waste and the pruning itself will take longer.
A parasol tree should always be maintained with secateurs. Maintenance with hedge shears may have a nice effect temporarily, but creates long-term problems in the long run

Each  parasol shape requires its own manner of pruning, generally you take into account the following rules:

Slow growing parasol trees:
annual pruning
time of year is dependent on the species

Fast-growing parasol trees:
Annual pruning of young trees not yet self-sustaining phase
2-yearly pruning: work growth retardant and gives less pruning waste
time is dependent on the species

Low maintenance parasol trees:
You can choose parasol trees that need a 2-yearly prune or at most a slight thinning of the branches.

Maintenance parasol trees - General

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