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Dit weekend kan u enkele van onze groene alternatieven bekijken op de Tuindagen in het Park van Beervelde.

We zorgen voor projectmatig advies om een optimaal resultaat te bekomen en behouden op lange termijn. Wenst u meer privacy, zonwering of eerder een eyecatcher voor extra sfeer in uw leefomgeving? Wij gaan elke uitdaging aan!

Welkom op vrijdag 11, zaterdag 12 & zondag 13 oktober op de Tuindagen van Beervelde (10u-17u).

Kom vrijblijvend kennismaken met ons team, onze bomen, onze kwaliteit. Graag tot dan!



These evergreen pleached trees are just under 7m high and once planted take about 20cm of space. These screens provide privacy yet still let light through.
Both owners and neighbours no longer have a view of brick walls and gaping windows.

A natural screen of fine leaves no longer allows curious looks into your property.
The plantings near Wageningen (Netherlands) was accompanied by our service team.

Large trees in small gardens


Open-soil grown pleached trees are prepared with care. The ideal season for planting is now and lasts until March. You may also plant during periods of (night) frost, as long as the roots are protected, and the earth isn't frozen solid. We don't pull up trees at our nursery, we excavate them professionally from the ground.

Planting pleached trees


The height where the first structual branch or level begins is determined at the nursery. The correct stem height is very important for the final effect. Since the height of the trunk is difficult to adjust, we offer a range of heights.
Here is an overview of the possibilities:
Espaliered stem heights
180cm / 200cm / 220cm
Deviating stem heights that we grow
0cm / 120cm / 150cm / 170cm
230cm / 250cm / 270cm
Low espaliered stem heights
0cm / 40cm / 50cm / 100cm
Parasol tree trunk heights
220 240 250 265 270 275 300 350 420cm (default in bold)

Guidelines for choosing the stem height.

Trained trees beside fences, heather matting or wood panels:
The stem height is preferably the height of the fence or slightly higher.
Usually 180cm or 200cm

Trained trees planted alongside or in a hedge:
For the maintenance of the hedge to run smoothly, the screen, level or structual brances preferably starts at least 20cm above the hedge.

Pleached trees next to a wall:
You can either partially or completely cover the wall.
The tree doesn't suffer any damage being planted close to a wall.
Usually, the upper part of the wall is overlapped which means that the espalier starts slightly lower than the wall height.

The stem height of an espalier or parasol tree does not grow along with the tree. An espalier with a stem height of 200cm will remain 200cm. It is therefore important to determine the appropriate minimum trunk height when purchasing your tree.
You can remove lower branches by pruning so that the stem is higher. The other way around is not possible.

Stem heights

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