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Enjoy the spring sun under thousands of flowering blooms.

This parasol tree is one of the earliest spring bloomers, this guarantees a visit from early bumblebees.

You mustn't expect real shade, the sun shines right through the blossoms. Experiencing a spring feeling in al its glory is what gives this parasol its added value.

Enjoying breakfast under a parasol of flowers


Block,  cube and beam shapes provide structure and nature in gardens where a large trees are unable to freely develop. Being space-saving and low maintenance, they accentuate the architecture of buildings. These compact trees have a limited root growth so they can be planted close to hardened surfaces.
These trees are guided in a natural way. You will never find metal pipes or fittings in the crowns of our trees.
In addition to our standard sizes we offer these remarkable trees in high quality tailor-made solutions.
Standard sizes, available in multiple types and stem heights:

High quality, custom-made block-form trees


These evergreen pleached trees are just under 7m high and once planted take about 20cm of space. These screens provide privacy yet still let light through.
Both owners and neighbours no longer have a view of brick walls and gaping windows.

A natural screen of fine leaves no longer allows curious looks into your property.
The plantings near Wageningen (Netherlands) was accompanied by our service team.

Large trees in small gardens


We've added photograps to our segment of pleached fruit trees. Pleached fruit trees give a lot of return on small surfaces.

The espalier and the art of pleaching originated in France when attempting to shape fruit trees. This art form soon spread to Belgium.

Species of pleached fruit trees

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