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Het is net of de bloemen van de boom druppelen. Ieder jaar opnieuw neemt de Wisteria even de aandacht. 
Persoonlijk geniet ik het ganse jaar van deze boom. De stam, de slingerbeweging en het samengesteld blad: steeds fris en gezond. Espaliers kweekt deze bomen voor unieke zonwering. Onze specialiteit zijn de moederbomen boven de 25 jaar oud maar we bieden eveneens jonge planten aan, opgekweekt in volle grond én in pot.

Wisteria is verkrijgbaar in vele soorten en op het eerste zicht gelijken deze op elkaar. Nochtans heeft ieder variëteit zijn aparte kenmerken die net dat verschil maken voor een bijzonder resultaat. Welkom bij de kenners: Espaliers

De Blauwe regen heeft zijn moment.


Inmiddels hebben we het nieuwe seizoen met volle goesting aangevat. We willen u bedanken voor de uitdagingen van het afgelopen jaar.
Bedankt voor het vertrouwen dat we kregen om, samen met u, uw groene uitdagingen onder handen te nemen en tot een mooi resultaat te brengen.

Wenst u in 2018 samen met ons groene en functionele oplossingen op een natuurlijke wijze te integreren in uw leefomgeving? Ben je voorstander van duurzame oplossingen en groene alternatieven?

Maak dan kennis met ons dynamisch en vakkundig team. Sterk in het ontwerpen, kweken, implementeren van unieke groene oplossingen en steeds op zoek om de juiste sfeer in uw leefwereld te brengen.

Hiervoor werken wij op afspraak, graag tot op de kwekerij!

Een nieuw jaar vol groene oplossingen.


A festival of colours is how autumn is best described. When we plant trees, they are usually planted so you can see them from your house. When autumn rolls around, the spectacle of constantly changing colours can influence your quality of life and your decor. We can try to describe what each particular tree will look like during this season, but each and every autumn, nature does its own thing, presenting us with colourful surprises.

The beauty of autumn


Block,  cube and beam shapes provide structure and nature in gardens where a large trees are unable to freely develop. Being space-saving and low maintenance, they accentuate the architecture of buildings. These compact trees have a limited root growth so they can be planted close to hardened surfaces.
These trees are guided in a natural way. You will never find metal pipes or fittings in the crowns of our trees.
In addition to our standard sizes we offer these remarkable trees in high quality tailor-made solutions.
Standard sizes, available in multiple types and stem heights:

High quality, custom-made block-form trees



Low pleached screens provide just enough privacy to quietly read a book out of sight of neighbours. On the terrace, in the sun and out of the wind.

Movable screens
Low screens in pots can be moved easily.
They can be installed temporarily and strategically in anticipation of a hedge that has not yet fully grown.
Available in multiple screen heights. The most common sizes are 150cm and 180cm tall.

Screens planted in the ground
These are best compared with hedges but with the advantages of a guided structure. The main advantages are that they don't require a lot of and require less maintenance.

Low screens and flowers.
With the moveable climbing hydrangea screens Elaeagnus or Tuscan jasmine, you surround yourself with flowers and pleasant scents in the summer.


Experience the colors and the light. A good time to decide which espalieresbest suit your home, garden or future projects.
Watch the young and old trees and their outcome. As a specialist in privacy and shade, we offer a clear overview of the possibilities, so you do not get any unpleasant surprises.

Small or large projects, feel free to make an appointment via the contact form to pass by the nursery.
When should you plant espaliers?
espaliers and prices

Experience before the leaves fall


The height where the first structual branch or level begins is determined at the nursery. The correct stem height is very important for the final effect. Since the height of the trunk is difficult to adjust, we offer a range of heights.
Here is an overview of the possibilities:
Espaliered stem heights
180cm / 200cm / 220cm
Deviating stem heights that we grow
0cm / 120cm / 150cm / 170cm
230cm / 250cm / 270cm
Low espaliered stem heights
0cm / 40cm / 50cm / 100cm
Parasol tree trunk heights
220 240 250 265 270 275 300 350 420cm (default in bold)

Guidelines for choosing the stem height.

Trained trees beside fences, heather matting or wood panels:
The stem height is preferably the height of the fence or slightly higher.
Usually 180cm or 200cm

Trained trees planted alongside or in a hedge:
For the maintenance of the hedge to run smoothly, the screen, level or structual brances preferably starts at least 20cm above the hedge.

Pleached trees next to a wall:
You can either partially or completely cover the wall.
The tree doesn't suffer any damage being planted close to a wall.
Usually, the upper part of the wall is overlapped which means that the espalier starts slightly lower than the wall height.

The stem height of an espalier or parasol tree does not grow along with the tree. An espalier with a stem height of 200cm will remain 200cm. It is therefore important to determine the appropriate minimum trunk height when purchasing your tree.
You can remove lower branches by pruning so that the stem is higher. The other way around is not possible.

Stem heights

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