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Dit weekend kan u enkele van onze groene alternatieven bekijken op de Tuindagen in het Park van Beervelde.

We zorgen voor projectmatig advies om een optimaal resultaat te bekomen en behouden op lange termijn. Wenst u meer privacy, zonwering of eerder een eyecatcher voor extra sfeer in uw leefomgeving? Wij gaan elke uitdaging aan!

Welkom op vrijdag 11, zaterdag 12 & zondag 13 oktober op de Tuindagen van Beervelde (10u-17u).

Kom vrijblijvend kennismaken met ons team, onze bomen, onze kwaliteit. Graag tot dan!



Inmiddels hebben we het nieuwe seizoen met volle goesting aangevat. We willen u bedanken voor de uitdagingen van het afgelopen jaar.
Bedankt voor het vertrouwen dat we kregen om, samen met u, uw groene uitdagingen onder handen te nemen en tot een mooi resultaat te brengen.

Wenst u in 2018 samen met ons groene en functionele oplossingen op een natuurlijke wijze te integreren in uw leefomgeving? Ben je voorstander van duurzame oplossingen en groene alternatieven?

Maak dan kennis met ons dynamisch en vakkundig team. Sterk in het ontwerpen, kweken, implementeren van unieke groene oplossingen en steeds op zoek om de juiste sfeer in uw leefwereld te brengen.

Hiervoor werken wij op afspraak, graag tot op de kwekerij!

Een nieuw jaar vol groene oplossingen.


It's the end of September. Growth is slowing. Let's take a look at how some of our young trees get ready for winter.
The sap stream gradually enters a resting phase, the tree begins to withdraw its energy from the leaves so energy can be stored it in the twigs. At the nursery you'll notice this in the thickening of the tree trunk.
Soon these pleached liquidambars will provide a spectacle of color.
[Img id = 372 size = big alt = "" title = ""] Article Documents / Liquidambar_worplesdon_leiboom.jpg [/ img] [img id = 373 size = big alt = "" title = ""] Article Documents / quercusilexbelgiannursery.jpg [/ img]
Quercus ilex:
Our unique selection, which distinguishes itself by its beautiful leaf and frost resistant properties, is getting ready for winter. Growth is slowing, the cells become firmer.
We remain the most northern nursery to cultivate pleached holm oaks.

Indian Summer



Low pleached screens provide just enough privacy to quietly read a book out of sight of neighbours. On the terrace, in the sun and out of the wind.

Movable screens
Low screens in pots can be moved easily.
They can be installed temporarily and strategically in anticipation of a hedge that has not yet fully grown.
Available in multiple screen heights. The most common sizes are 150cm and 180cm tall.

Screens planted in the ground
These are best compared with hedges but with the advantages of a guided structure. The main advantages are that they don't require a lot of and require less maintenance.

Low screens and flowers.
With the moveable climbing hydrangea screens Elaeagnus or Tuscan jasmine, you surround yourself with flowers and pleasant scents in the summer.


These evergreen pleached trees are just under 7m high and once planted take about 20cm of space. These screens provide privacy yet still let light through.
Both owners and neighbours no longer have a view of brick walls and gaping windows.

A natural screen of fine leaves no longer allows curious looks into your property.
The plantings near Wageningen (Netherlands) was accompanied by our service team.

Large trees in small gardens


Experience the colors and the light. A good time to decide which espalieresbest suit your home, garden or future projects.
Watch the young and old trees and their outcome. As a specialist in privacy and shade, we offer a clear overview of the possibilities, so you do not get any unpleasant surprises.

Small or large projects, feel free to make an appointment via the contact form to pass by the nursery.
When should you plant espaliers?
espaliers and prices

Experience before the leaves fall


A wide range of espaliers and potted parasol trees allow you to deviate from the normal planting period. With a little extra care (extra watering during dry spells) you can still create privacy and shade during the summer months. The largest selection and unusual shapes are still offered in the autumn, both in clod and bare root.

Leibomen in pot

Potted pleached trees


It's all about the maintenance. Screens should be maintained as a hedge. Levels should be pruned using secateurs. Not every tree is suitable to be guided on screen. It depends on the nature of the tree.
Some trees behave very well if they are maintained as a hedge. For example, the hornbeam (Carpinus betulus). When maintained as a screen, the branch structure and the leaves are packed tightly together so that they are in competition with each other. One can assume that trees grown as hedges can handle this competition and can be guided smoothly on screen.
The Plane tree (Platanus x acerifolia), for example, is a typical tree that can only be maintained in levels (frames). The Plane tree is a tree that needs space to develop its branches and leaves. If you don't give it its space, the plane will react badly. The leaves of the Plane tree need light. If they are too close together, lots of hairs will form. Leaves that don't get enough ligh will turn yellow and fall off.You can see this in poorly maintained Plane trees.

What to choose?
If privacy is important, one can opt for the screen shape. This has the same effect of a hedge, but takes up less space than a hedge.
If privacy is less important, you can opt for levels. This application lets a lot of light through.

A screen is easy to maintain with the secateurs.
Frames or floors can be maintained on one side with the secateurs.

More information about distances between levels.
When to pay attention to when buying espaliers.

Screens or levels

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