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A festival of colours is how autumn is best described. When we plant trees, they are usually planted so you can see them from your house. When autumn rolls around, the spectacle of constantly changing colours can influence your quality of life and your decor. We can try to describe what each particular tree will look like during this season, but each and every autumn, nature does its own thing, presenting us with colourful surprises.

The beauty of autumn


Stroll through our living catalogue. At this time you will experience the atmosphere of the summer and already catch a glimpse of autumn. Discover our young and mature evergreen or deciduous espaliers. It is possible to plant them in the near future or to plant them next year.
Compare pleached trees of different heights to one another or be surprised by our unique maintenance-friendly shapes.

Time to admire pleached trees


Scenic moments in our nursery: Autumn




Experience the colors and the light. A good time to decide which espalieresbest suit your home, garden or future projects.
Watch the young and old trees and their outcome. As a specialist in privacy and shade, we offer a clear overview of the possibilities, so you do not get any unpleasant surprises.

Small or large projects, feel free to make an appointment via the contact form to pass by the nursery.
When should you plant espaliers?
espaliers and prices

Experience before the leaves fall


Due to the harsh winter we saw extraordinarily beautiful blooms this year.
At the end of May, racemes of Photinia swell and cover the pleached screen with thousands of pearls.
A little while later these beads develop to a screen of white flowers.
Leiphotinia in bloei

The flowering of this evergreen espalier is not its finest moment.
After flowering, beautiful red shoots ensure a stunning wow effect.

Sometimes both may occur at the same time. A nice surprise every year!

Pleached photinia in bloom

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