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Leifruit in de hoogte garandeert een mooie opbrengst omdat de vruchten steeds voldoende licht en plaats krijgen om zich te ontwikkelen.
 Dit type boomgaard voor de kleinere tuin heeft ook andere voordelen:

-De bomen nemen weinig plaats in.
-Fruitbomen in de hoogte zijn minder gevoelig voor aantastingen.
-Mooie bloemen in de lente.
-Leifruit hoogstam is duurzamer dan standaard fruit op hoogstam.

We bieden dit leifruit aan in appel en peer, in een selectie van moderne soorten én oudere lokale variëteiten.
vb: Malus domestica ‘Trezeken Meyers’

Je kan appel- en perenbomen gemengd aanplanten zoals in een gewone boomgaard.
Onze structuren sluiten mooi op elkaar aan.

Het aanbod is beperkt, vandaar dit berichtje. Wens je een grote variatie aan fruit dan reserveer je ze best zo snel mogelijk in het najaar, ook al voorzie je de aanplant in de lente.

Leifruit op stam
Keuze uit vele soorten fruit - ook oude en lokale rassen.


Stroll through our living catalogue. At this time you will experience the atmosphere of the summer and already catch a glimpse of autumn. Discover our young and mature evergreen or deciduous espaliers. It is possible to plant them in the near future or to plant them next year.
Compare pleached trees of different heights to one another or be surprised by our unique maintenance-friendly shapes.

Time to admire pleached trees


These evergreen pleached trees are just under 7m high and once planted take about 20cm of space. These screens provide privacy yet still let light through.
Both owners and neighbours no longer have a view of brick walls and gaping windows.

A natural screen of fine leaves no longer allows curious looks into your property.
The plantings near Wageningen (Netherlands) was accompanied by our service team.

Large trees in small gardens


Open-soil grown pleached trees are prepared with care. The ideal season for planting is now and lasts until March. You may also plant during periods of (night) frost, as long as the roots are protected, and the earth isn't frozen solid. We don't pull up trees at our nursery, we excavate them professionally from the ground.

Planting pleached trees


Experience the colors and the light. A good time to decide which espalieresbest suit your home, garden or future projects.
Watch the young and old trees and their outcome. As a specialist in privacy and shade, we offer a clear overview of the possibilities, so you do not get any unpleasant surprises.

Small or large projects, feel free to make an appointment via the contact form to pass by the nursery.
When should you plant espaliers?
espaliers and prices

Experience before the leaves fall


A wide range of espaliers and potted parasol trees allow you to deviate from the normal planting period. With a little extra care (extra watering during dry spells) you can still create privacy and shade during the summer months. The largest selection and unusual shapes are still offered in the autumn, both in clod and bare root.

Leibomen in pot

Potted pleached trees

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