Atmosphere nursery


Beautiful trees, grown to take up little space, to create atmosphere in, to let the light in, to move with the wind.
Moreover, they have a clear function. They hide what you do not want to see or replace your artificial sun umbrella to filter the sun in a natural way.

Available in both younger and older tree to suit each budget.
Grown with passion and skill.
These trees are based on the previous generation of espaliers. You can experience the difference at our nursery.
Please feel free to contact us so we can schedule a visit for you at our nursery.


Green solutions, cultivated for specific needs, distilled from years of experience and experimentation.
We strive for interventions where function and nature merge.
"We" stands for our green cathedral builder vision and the bringing together of restless souls in their quest for the design of habitats where atmosphere takes a central place.
It also stands for the creations that we have developed at Espaliers and we send off into the world at the right time.
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