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Bijen, vooral de solitaire bijen hebben baat bij extra groene zones met bloemen en leven. Onze groene elementen zijn volledig natuurlijk en dragen bij aan een bijenvriendelijke omgeving.

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The low screens of the Christmas Berry, Photinia fraseri 'Red Robin' are available in multiple sizes.
These low screens are suitable to keep in pots or movable trays.
The quality is in the fully natural build-up of these screens (We don't use metal as an additional support for the plants.)
As a replacement for a hedge they distinguish themselves in their space-saving build.
For more information about sizes, please contact.
Screen heights starting from the ground: 120cm / 150cm / 180cm / 220cm / 250cm / 305cm


Pyrus salicifolia 'Pendula' used as a low screen guarantees a beautifully fresh sight during the summer months.
The elongated gray leaves meld into white or grey architecture, or contrast with other greenery in the garden.
These trees are used in open ground and in pots. We mainly offer them in pot thus guaranteeing a good regrowth.
Best planted in an area which is sunny to partial shade.
In spring a screen of white flowers will develop when the leaves sprout.


Botanical name: Trachelospermum jasminoides
Confederate Jamine - Star Jasmine

Old name: Rhyncospermum jasminoides

Evergreen / evergreen
Sweet and very pleasant fragrance coming from an abundance of white flowers.
This evergreen plant is particularly suitable for moveable screens on the patio. We offer it in oblong containers of 80cm or 100cm and in round pots. Also available in customized aluminium containers.

The standard pleahed screens have a dimension of 150cm or 200cm high. When buying this plant you immediately get hit by the delicate and sweet scent of small white flowers and imagine yourself on a terrace in Italy.

Easy maintenance / drought resistant / average hardiness

Preferably planted facing south but also do well in shade / semi-shade.

Low screens are available in the following dimensions:
120h / 180h / 250h / 305H


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