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Bamboo to pleach

Available in 3 varieties, 2 colours and 11 lengths

Choice between very soluble or durable quality

Full bamboo or hollow bamboo

Micro-irrigation: Our parasol trees and pleached trees can be planted year-round. If planting during the summer months, we advise you to water the trees regularly or to install a micro-irrigation system.    - Micro irrigation system in plastic - Connection

Binder strap: Professional

Binder strap. Available in bags.

6 thicknesses (size 2 to 7)

4 qualities concerning stretchability

6 colours such as light green / dark green / grey-green / black / brown

On-site delivery

On-site delivery is possible with adjusted transport. Contact us for our conditions.


We offer all accessories needed to plant our pleached trees.

Pleached tree poles

Rounded milled in diameter 08, 10 and 12

impregnated under pressure


Available in following lengths:

in stock:

180cm - 250cm - 400cm - 450cm - 500cm - 600cm - 700cm

to order:

200cm - 300cm - 350cm - 800cm


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