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Iedere boom heeft speciale eigenschappen. Sommige bomen hebben eigenschappen ontwikkeld die nog iets verder gaan. Speciale eigenschappen kunnen ook door ons ontwikkeld zijn in een unieke vorm of teeltwijze. 

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This parasol shape is due to the fruit.

 The grape is not self-supporting so it isn't a true parasol tree.

This tree is used as a base for a pergola that will offer you shade and fruit the very same year.

Available in 3 varieties, suitable for northern regions.

Our grapes are resistant to sickness so there is no need to treat them for anything.


Our pleached holly forms a nice green screen and is one of the most low-maintenance evergreen pleached trees.
Available in multiple stem heights.
Available in multiple stem circumferences.
Available in four screen types.
This slow-growing tree ensures a neutral green background in places where privacy is needed or where disturbing elements need to be hidden from view.
During winter, pleached holly provides birds with berries.
Always in stock.
Ilex Nelly (Nellie) Stevens // // Ilex aquifolium Ilex aquifolium 'Variegatum'
American holly / American leihulst


Blockform or cube-shaped Holm oak or kermes oak.
Blockform holm oaks are usually applied in beam form.
The holm oak is particularly suitable for smaller gardens or where low maintenance is desired. Regular holm oaks soon take up a lot of space and require a lot of maintenance in smaller gardens.
The tree responds well to pruning and displays its special gray-green tint throughout the year. This unique colour is due to fine shoots on the outside of the blockform.
The silver-gray underside of the leaves use light to accentuate this blockform.

It provides a nice contrast with deciduous trees and shrubs, especially in winter.

Important in blockform holm oaks is that no metal or iron fittings are used in the forms.


The Osmanthus is a beautiful strong evergreen espalier.  We selected it as a suitable tree for delicate uses in 2009. Today, it has become a classic, used in more sophisticated garden designs. It has a beautiful leaf and bears delicate white flowers that are very fragrant.
We offer this espalier in many shapes and sizes.
This tree is one of the more beautiful evergreen species from the specially cultivated series of our nursery.
Delivered in a container, plantable all summer.


The gingko forms a refined and subtle screen with its unique leaves. The green color is quite remarkable.
If you take a closer look at the leaf, you discover a unique structure which tells you more about its genetic origins as a conifer. The ginkgo is a conifer, but behaves like a deciduous tree.
The autumnal color is a lovely and the leaves change colour at the same time with minimal color nuances. The fallen leaves are best left untouched because they are also a feast for the eye.
Ginkgo is cultivated in several types. Planting the correct type in the right circumstances is a challenge.

Maidenhair has medicinal properties, it is often taken as a supplement to enhance mental focus.

This tree is available in multiple stem heights.
Besides pleached for privacy and atmosphere we also cultivate Ginkgo biloba as a shade tree.
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You can click on the picture for more photos or drop by the nursery to admire this tree.


Onze Geleide klimrozen hebben een hoogte van 250 cm
Deze dienen als basis voor toepassingen waarbij de schoonheid en de klasse van rozen meteen kan tevoorschijn worden getoverd.
Iedere leiroos draagt een overvloed aan bloemen de eerste zomer na aanplant. Iedere plant is voorzien van een label.

Wij hechten veel belang aan de juiste soorten.
Om vlot te werken en de exacte cultivar te hebben die je wenst, reserveer je in het najaar voor uitlevering in in het voorjaar.

David Austin:
Rosa 'The Pelgrim' (1991) // 'Gertrude Jekyll' (1986) // 'Crown Princess Margareta' // 'Graham Thomas' (1983) // 'Claire Austin' (2007) // 'The Dark Lady' (1987) // 'Summertime' (2005) // 'Lady of Shalott' (2009) // 'Teasing Georgia' (1987) // 'Malvern Hills' // 'Tess of the D'ubervilles' (1997) // 'Mortimer Sackler' (2002).

'Elfe' (2000) // 'Wedding Piano' (2017) // 'Midsummer' (2008) // 'Augusta Louise' (1999) // 'Santana' (1985) // 'Voyage' (2013) // 'Mariatheresia' (2003).

Pierre de Ronsard (1987) // 'Palais Royal' (1999) // 'Line Renaud' (2006) // 'Eureka' (2012) // 'Leonardo Da Vinci' ((1994) // 'Mon Jardin et Ma Maison (1998) // 'La Sevillana' // 'Zambra' (1961).



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