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Onze bomen met bloemen die een lekkere geur verspreiden zorgen voor een aangename atmosfeer in uw leefomgeving. Bovendien verwennen ze ook de bijen, hommels, vlinders en nachtvlinders.

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Low screens provide defensive cover on terraces and small outdoor areas such as a courtyard or balcony. They may or may not be movable. They provide you with privacy, protection from wind or are arranged to discreetly hide disturbing elements or to decorate a wall with the green of nature.
Our low screens can also be used to replace a hedge or unnatural fences such as fences with wire or wooden panels.
Our live screens take up less space, are easier to clean and are more atmospheric.
Additionally, our screens ensure the best and most durable protection against intruders.
This 100% natural solution can be tailored to suit your needs.
Evergreen, flowering or any other unique ornamental value. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Our pleached Eleagnus is grown specially on its own stem and is in no way an ent.
Available in four stem heights and 3 screen heights.
Soft gray color, completely evergreen. It produces beautifully fragrant modest white flowers during the summer.
The Silverberry is an evergreen espalier.
This tree, which can grow in dunes, produces long shoots in rich soils.
We recommend planting this espalier in dry dunes or very poor soil.
This tree grows in other soils, but additional measures need to be taken.
Available in high stems and low screens up to 250cm tall.
We only offer Elaeagnus in container so good regrowth is guaranteed.
The pleached Silverberry is easy to maintain and is not very susceptible to damage. It is important that the trees are grown on their own stem. This produces a more sustainable result and avoids the roots growing uncontrollably.


Our pleached gum tree provides fresh and healthy foliage when used as a low screen.


When pleached a sweet gum is always astir .

We prefer the 'Worplesdon' variety to use as a green screen, see Liquidambar styraciflua 'Worplesdon'.

We selected this variety many years ago to use for pleaching.

The decorative value of this tree is the tree trunk. We bring this uniqueness to the forefront by carefully cultivating and selecting these trees.


We grow Liquidambar as blockform or beamform in several sizes. In addition to the standard models, we also offer more unique creations.
By choosing this tree you are making a choice for texture and color. Our Liquidambar blockforms provide a nice alternative to the liquidambar spheres such as Liquidambar 'Gumball'.
During selection we're always looking for deeper autumnal colours, a unique approach with the goal of always delivering beautiful trees. We always retain the natural properties of the trees without grafting them.
Liquidambar demands little from the soil and is suitable for wet soils. For more information about this tree, click hier.
The sweet gum blockform is very maintenance friendly. Click on the picture.


Onze Geleide klimrozen hebben een hoogte van 250 cm
Deze dienen als basis voor toepassingen waarbij de schoonheid en de klasse van rozen meteen kan tevoorschijn worden getoverd.
Iedere leiroos draagt een overvloed aan bloemen de eerste zomer na aanplant. Iedere plant is voorzien van een label.

Wij hechten veel belang aan de juiste soorten.
Om vlot te werken en de exacte cultivar te hebben die je wenst, reserveer je in het najaar voor uitlevering in in het voorjaar.

David Austin:
Rosa 'The Pelgrim' (1991) // 'Gertrude Jekyll' (1986) // 'Crown Princess Margareta' // 'Graham Thomas' (1983) // 'Claire Austin' (2007) // 'The Dark Lady' (1987) // 'Summertime' (2005) // 'Lady of Shalott' (2009) // 'Teasing Georgia' (1987) // 'Malvern Hills' // 'Tess of the D'ubervilles' (1997) // 'Mortimer Sackler' (2002).

'Elfe' (2000) // 'Wedding Piano' (2017) // 'Midsummer' (2008) // 'Augusta Louise' (1999) // 'Santana' (1985) // 'Voyage' (2013) // 'Mariatheresia' (2003).

Pierre de Ronsard (1987) // 'Palais Royal' (1999) // 'Line Renaud' (2006) // 'Eureka' (2012) // 'Leonardo Da Vinci' ((1994) // 'Mon Jardin et Ma Maison (1998) // 'La Sevillana' // 'Zambra' (1961).



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