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Tall espaliers evergreen

Natural solutions for higher privacy needs. How high can espaliers grow? Espaliers grows privacy screens of 5 metres, 6 metres and more than 7 metres high, in addition to the standard espaliers. These are gems of trees that improve your quality of life on a higher level.

In this concept, we are talking about leafy and evergreen espaliers, where we can guarantee 100% privacy. It always remains something special. Trees this tall not only have an impact on your privacy, but also on the light, the atmosphere, the architecture, the surroundings and the neighbours. That is precisely where our expertise lies. We strive to make trees invisible and integrate them in a natural way.
The trade-off between light and sight filtering has led to a wide range of sizes and the development of specific innovative techniques. On the photos you can see a glimpse of our range.
Years ago, when we were developing these trees, we had no references. These types of trees did not exist, so we decided to create them. There were mainly questions about support and maintenance. Difficulties with which we have built up experience after all these years. This by implementing these trees in numerous projects. Do not hesitate to call on us for this. We are happy to share our experience with you.

Espalier trees 5 metres high
Evergreen espaliers and espalier screens with a total height of 5 metres have the great advantage that you can integrate living green into tree-dimensions. This in a way that hardly takes up any space. This height is perfectly maintainable in the long term. The green buffer remains in the desired dimensions without having to be pruned, corked or dug up. Both light and space are respected, as well as the underlying paving.

Espalier trees higher than 6 metres
With our space-saving green buffers from 6 metres, we break through a barrier. Higher than 6 metres, we are still able to integrate sophisticated screens. These solutions result in green filters in places where you least expect it. What is important is the light and space retention that is the added value of these screens. It is this added value that we always want to exploit to the full.

The possibilities that were previously unthinkable now give an amazing result. In practice, it comes down to replacing the view of houses and apartment buildings with greenery and life. These screens are often useful for creating an entirely green living zone in densely built-up areas. And so we turn grey architecture into green architecture.

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