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Espaliers is a unique nursery. Views of walls and houses are replaced with foliage and trees. Our parasols create atmospheric light and playfully cast moving patterns of shade. We ensure that during cultivation these trees can grow with limited growing space. With minimal maintenance you can experience maximal atmosphere. We strive to achieve the most natural look.
Knowledge, experience and imagination. Our team consists of passionate and experienced nurserymen, architects, artists, athletes and mother nature.

Espaliers sfeerboomkwekerij & schaduwboomkwekerij

This website gives you an impression of the matter with which we work. Color, leaves, stems, ... We use the natural beauty of trees to provide privacy or hide disturbing elements. This website only offers a glimpse of the possibilities.
Please contact us using the contact form so you too can have the right tree in the right place.

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De Blauwe regen heeft zijn moment. 21.05.2018

Het is net of de bloemen van de boom druppelen. Ieder jaar opnieuw neemt de Wisteria even de aandacht. Persoonlijk geniet ik het ganse jaar van deze boom. De stam, de slingerbeweging en het ...(more)

Een nieuw jaar vol groene oplossingen. 08.02.2018

Inmiddels hebben we het nieuwe seizoen met volle goesting aangevat. We willen u bedanken voor de uitdagingen van het afgelopen jaar. Bedankt voor het vertrouwen dat we kregen om, samen met u, uw groen ...(more)

The beauty of autumn 04.11.2016

A festival of colours is how autumn is best described. When we plant trees, they are usually planted so you can see them from your house. When autumn rolls around, the spectacle of constantly changing ...(more)

Indian Summer 30.09.2016

It's the end of September. Growth is slowing. Let's take a look at how some of our young trees get ready for winter.Liquidambar:The sap stream gradually enters a resting phase, the tree begins to with ...(more)

Floralies (International Horticultural Exposition) Ghent 2016 20.03.2016

In the beautiful city of Ghent, flowers and plants are exhibited at 4 locations. The host country this year is Japan. The Floralies only take place once every five years.Some of our creations are ...(more)
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