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Sun bands for ambient light

A living sunband is the natural version of the former awnings or canopies. Our sunbands are commonly used for sun protection on the living terrace or in front of large windows, usually sun-oriented. Here we take full advantage of the translucency of the leaves. In terms of perception, that can count. It is the most impactful solution to experience nature inside the living space. In addition to the moving light, you also have the captivating play of trunks. The elegant multi-stemmed umbrella trees take your attention and lead you up into the crown.


A sunband is matched to the height of the window area. Therefore, we grow these umbrella trees in multiple trunk heights. Customization is our specialty, but we also offer standard sizes. Parasol heights with trunk heights 250cm, 275cm and 300cm are standard. Would you like to experience the possibilities of our multi-stemmed parasol trees at the nursery? Don't hesitate to contact us!

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