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Multi-trunk trees

Multi-trunk trees are more present and have a powerful impact. However, not every multi-stem is a treat for the eyes. Espaliers distinguishes itself by cultivating unique, artistic multi-stems. In general, we distinguish 2 important groups. (read more below the picture) 


You have multi-stemmed trees that emerge from the ground. These are the most common in nature. To this group belong trees of which the seeds are collected by animals that hoard. (Because they forget the seeds, multi-stem trees are created.
Also trees that form offshoots like Amelanchier, Gymnoclaudus, ... by nature usually leave the ground with multiple trunks.

A second group are the multi-stems that start from 1 trunk and then split just above or a little higher above the ground. These also occur regularly in nature. They are usually shrubs that have grown into trees (Cornus, Maple,...) but they can also have become multistems that have been formed by animals or branches that have broken out due to severe weather conditions.

Knowing which model fits best in a particular garden or near a terrace is important. Our people have experience with this.

The trees are grown taking into account how they naturally grow. While growing up, our artists will make some appropriate interventions in order to accentuate the best features of the tree. During the cultivation we take into account the different future applications so that we can safely say that we can propose a wide variety of unique multi-stem shapes for your project.
For the choice of your multi-trunk, we recommend a visit to the nursery, free of obligation.


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