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Evergreen espaliers

Evergreen espaliers offer many advantages over deciduous species when used correctly. The leaves remain on the tree even in winter so that privacy is guaranteed. Read more about evergreen espaliers below.


Most of these evergreen trees grow slower and are more maintenance-friendly.
Except for the prunus species, leaf fall is negligible, so your neighbours will not be bothered by it either.

We mainly sell these trees in the form of a screen, because this filters the view optimally. These trees are also planted because they are simply extremely beautiful.

Nursery of evergreen espaliers
Evergreen espaliers require extra attention during cultivation, transport and planting. Since we sold the first evergreen espaliers years ago, we have adjusted our cultivation and optimised the way we apply them. This knowledge and experience, gained through close cooperation with gardeners, landscapers and arborists, we are happy to share with you when creating your evergreen exterior.

Hardy evergreen espaliers
We offer 2 types of evergreen espaliers, the majority are home-grown trees. Imported trees are acclimatised. This is unique. We also do not import any pre-guided trees.
According to us, this is the only way to guarantee quality and hardiness.

Some examples of evergreen espaliers:
Quercus ilex, the holm oak: Durable evergreen tree, never gives root problems and has a green-grey leaf that fits neutrally in the garden. Refined effect. Quercus ilex unique trees, to be discovered at Espaliers

Photinia: red shades on the fresh shoots in autumn and summer. Photinia stands out as an espalier. Colourful effect. Photinia fraseri 'Red Robin' unique trees, to be discovered at Espaliers

Ilex, the holly: Strong evergreen espalier but dark leaves. We do not advise it in smaller gardens.
Ilex 'Nelly Stevens' unique trees, to discover at Espaliers

Taxus: Strong conifer with dark green needles. Especially suitable for larger gardens. Taxus baccata unique trees, to discover at Espaliers

Prunus Caucasica: Laurel: very fast growing tree with large leaves.
Sensitive, is still rarely offered by Espaliers.

Prunus lusitanica, Portuguese laurel: Southern tree suitable as hedge plant and massif, less as espalier. Beautiful dark leaves with light green sprouts in spring.

The most durable evergreen espaliers are Holm Oak, Yew and Holly.
By sustainable we mean low-maintenance, strong (frost and wind) and resistant to disease or infestation.

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