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It's all about the maintenance. Screens should be maintained as a hedge. Levels should be pruned using secateurs. Not every tree is suitable to be guided on screen. It depends on the nature of the tree.
Some trees behave very well if they are maintained as a hedge. For example, the hornbeam (Carpinus betulus). When maintained as a screen, the branch structure and the leaves are packed tightly together so that they are in competition with each other. One can assume that trees grown as hedges can handle this competition and can be guided smoothly on screen.
The Plane tree (Platanus x acerifolia), for example, is a typical tree that can only be maintained in levels (frames). The Plane tree is a tree that needs space to develop its branches and leaves. If you don't give it its space, the plane will react badly. The leaves of the Plane tree need light. If they are too close together, lots of hairs will form. Leaves that don't get enough ligh will turn yellow and fall off.You can see this in poorly maintained Plane trees.

What to choose?
If privacy is important, one can opt for the screen shape. This has the same effect of a hedge, but takes up less space than a hedge.
If privacy is less important, you can opt for levels. This application lets a lot of light through.

A screen is easy to maintain with the secateurs.
Frames or floors can be maintained on one side with the secateurs.

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Screens or levels

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