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Verfijnde parasol Refined parasol single stem

Verfijnde parasol Refined parasol single stem

Of course this is not a standard parasol. At the nursery we call it standard because it is our oldest model. When I started experimenting with natural parasol trees in the 1990s, it was natural for us to depart from the artificial parasol that was common at the time. And in that context, this model is extraordinary because of what is added to its pure function.

Like all our models, this parasol tree is grown with natural materials. It seems obvious, but metal fittings, iron crosses and other practices are still used to cover up a lack of time and craftsmanship. Come also buy your favorite umbrella trees at Espaliers because our beautiful umbrella trees are a real added value to any garden, both our single-stem umbrella trees and our multi-stemmed umbrella trees

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