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Etages Espalier trees on levels

Etages Espalier trees on levels

Espalier trees with tiers or frames are a classic application that is chosen on the one hand for structure in the garden and on the other hand for a structured green buffer. This form was mainly used for fruit cultivation. The tiered form was also used as an ornamental tree or for privacy purposes, but this has been abandoned. The frames have a distance of 30cm between them for most trees, but large-leaved trees can also be planted to 40cm.
Evergreen trees are less suitable for multi-storey maintenance.

Fruit trees benefit most from the tiered form. The fruit gets enough light to ripen through the openings between the structure. In fact, the fruit can ripen better than in standard fruit trees.
This is also the biggest advantage of the tier form. You have, as it were, a fully-fledged orchard with a good fruit yield at the border with the neighbour. The stem height of these trees is between 50 and 180cm.

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