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It's the end of September. Growth is slowing. Let's take a look at how some of our young trees get ready for winter.
The sap stream gradually enters a resting phase, the tree begins to withdraw its energy from the leaves so energy can be stored it in the twigs. At the nursery you'll notice this in the thickening of the tree trunk.
Soon these pleached liquidambars will provide a spectacle of color.
[Img id = 372 size = big alt = "" title = ""] Article Documents / Liquidambar_worplesdon_leiboom.jpg [/ img] [img id = 373 size = big alt = "" title = ""] Article Documents / quercusilexbelgiannursery.jpg [/ img]
Quercus ilex:
Our unique selection, which distinguishes itself by its beautiful leaf and frost resistant properties, is getting ready for winter. Growth is slowing, the cells become firmer.
We remain the most northern nursery to cultivate pleached holm oaks.

Indian Summer

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