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Hoogstam scherm Pleached standard multi-stemmed

Hoogstam scherm Pleached standard multi-stemmed

Playful and slender multi-stems. Each one is beautiful and unique and deserves to be highlighted. Unique and yet, forming a whole. By slender we mean that the slender, elegant trunks we grow for these trees have little to do with landscape multi-stems. The multi-stemmed espaliers confirm our - more nature in less space - vision.

We have these multi-stemmed espaliers in standard sizes and also in very tall espaliers. Multi-stemmed espaliers provide better support and ensure that we can quickly switch to self-support.

Trees in this design

Quercus ilex - HolmoakHoogstam scherm Pleached standard multi-stemmed

  • M - 190 - s150x510h - C


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