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Liquidambar styraciflua 'Worplesdon'

The American sweetgum is a fresh and healthy tree that is suitable as a privacy tree and as a roof tree.


The colours of the Liquidambar go from fresh green in spring to a beautiful composition of light to dark green in summer. The autumn colours are spectacular, going from light orange pastel shades to fire red to deep purple. Autumn's splendour can be unleashed as early as September and can last until the end of October. As this tree is one of our specialities, we offer it in standard and custom sizes. The lei amber is suitable for all soil types, even for very wet soils.

The Liquidambar espalier

The durability of the Liquidambar espalier depends on the way of growing. Years ago, we selected the 'Worplesdon' as one of the most suitable species for beautiful sustainable espalier structures. The lei-liquidambar has beautiful deeply cut leaves. The leaf is always fresh and healthy and has a certain transparency that, together with the deep incisions of the leaf, creates a beautiful light effect. The most beautiful results are obtained with our screen forms. The fine screens ensure that the beauty of the transparent leaves is fully exploited.

Pruning the Liquidambar espalier

Thanks to the soft wood and the rather limited growth, pruning the Liquidambar espalier is not a difficult job. The timing of the pruning depends on whether it is a thinning-out pruning or a more drastic pruning. The thinning out pruning can be done all year round. A more drastic pruning is best done just after the leaves have fallen or just before they emerge. These rules only apply if you have maintained the tree regularly. If it has been more than a year since your Liquidambar was pruned, the best period is from November to the end of February.

An extra piece of information

When pruning, a pleasant smell is released. You can also detect this smell when you crush a leaf.

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