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Platanus x acerifolia

The plane tree is one of the most pleasant trees to be under. Its large, fresh leaves provide protection against bright sunlight. The transparent nature of the plane tree leaf makes the shade light and atmospheric. The sycamore leaf is free of insects and other critters, thanks to small hairs on the underside of the leaves, which is why the sycamore has been used for eating, meeting and resting under since ancient times. Nowadays, the plane tree serves as a terrace cover, sunshade and shade tree for car parks.

The plane tree as parasol tree

You can choose the height of your parasol, this will not change due to the growth of the tree. We grow this tree for all applications, so also in all possible trunk heights.

The width of your parasol will vary between 200 and 350cm. With the wide trees, the last branches are flexible for transport. Recommended planting distance of the roof plane: between 300 and 600cm. We also offer this tree asymmetrically. Our sycamore trees are completely durably shaped without metal fittings.

A correctly cultivated roof plane has a less vigorous growth and a slower metabolism. No yellow leaves and minimal lint formation due to the selection of plant material and the position of the branches. The branches that form the umbrella are grown along with the trunk so that there is little difference in thickness between trunk and branches.


  • Platanus hispanica
  • London plane
  • Umbrella plane

Some cultivars

  • Platanus x acerifolia (hispanica) 'Alphens Globe': This variety grows somewhat more compact but is grafted.
  • Platanus orientalis 'Mirkovec': Beautiful plane with red leaves, in autumn they turn red-orange instead of yellow-orange. Not resistant to sycamore disease.
  • Platanus orientalis 'Minaret': Deeply incised leaves. Not resistant to sycamore disease, very sensitive.
  • Platanus 'Digitata': Italian selection, selection with deeply incised leaves.
  • Platanus 'Mahlburg': Together with 'Bloodgood' these are the most interesting and resistant selections. They represent the largest part of our assortment.

The espalier plane as an espalier form

Espalier plane trees require more maintenance than roof shaped plane trees. The use of slow pruning is less obvious for this espalier. We therefore only recommend the London plane as an espalier in larger gardens. The leaves of the espalier provide a screening in light tones. The large leaves give complete privacy shortly after budding. The trunk is covered with beautiful patterns. The autumn colour is yellow to golden yellow.


The plane tree as espalier requires appropriate maintenance. The manner of cultivation plays an important role in this. Branches of espaliers (and other espaliers) should never be bruised when forming, as is sometimes incorrectly claimed. Also Platanus hispanica (trade name).


  • 09/Model - X - 250 - DIAM 225 - C


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